The stormy weather has put me in a gloomy mood. The kind where I just want to lay in bed, watch TV on my computer and forget about everything... and by everything I mean my broken heart: I discovered that the love of my life in fourth grade decided to give himself a Kenny G-esque makeover. I am without words.

It gets worse here and here. That is all I have to say. 

five colours in her hair

My obsession with British boy-band pop music continues! Yesterday, my best friend Hayley and I decided to experiment with colored hair using chalk. It only lasts til the next time you wash your hair (maybe longer if your hair is lighter). Colored hair has been spotted on celebrities of all kinds from January Jones of Mad Men fame to Disney's sweetheart Selena Gomez.

Please excuse the image quality... I had to take pictures on my phone...

What do you think? Should we invest in some permanent dye jobs?

P.S. Here's the inspiration for the title :)

summer in spring!

This spring break has literally felt like summer. Some things never change!

All I ever talk about is weather... but this is just crazy. Seriously.

the dog days are over

I'm three-sixteenths of the way done with college, yay me! Midterms were this week and I found myself particularly inspired by studying, countless hours at the library or other study venue of choice and all around nerdiness:

Happy studying for those who still have midterms/finals and happy spring break (to the peeps like me) who finished!

light blue.

'Twas quite a beautiful day today. The sun was shining, nice breeze and no need for a jacket - really got me in the mood for spring. Here's a little collection of things inspired by today's weather and my jolly mood (despite my impending midterms...)

Very tempted to add a picture of Niall Horan's eyes into the mix, but I restrained myself. I shall limit my fangirl-dom to the previous post.

lost: reward offered

I've always felt like I've had it all figured out. From fourth grade until August, I thought I was going to be a doctor. I would major in anthropology while simultaneously completely the pre-med requirements. The day before classes started I realized I hated chemistry and couldn't see myself pursuing the study of science. I switched to business. My dad, mom and step-mom had careers in business and my school has a good reputation of job placement. So why not?

Two days ago, I had an epiphany. Sitting in my microeconomics class (a business prerequisite), I realized business isn't for me. I like philosophy and literature and graphic design and music. And now, I'm lost. I'm sure what path I'm about to travel down, but I've never been more excited for the mystery more than these moments.

who i am to judge?

There is captivating about the Oscars and old Hollywood and that magical atmosphere I wish I could experience. Instead of studying for my upcoming Linear Algebra exam, I have spent the last few hours watching the Academy Awards and the preceding red carpet show. Here are my favorites from the red carpet:

To put it very bluntly, Angelina Jolie looks freakin' hot. The structure of this Atelier Versace dress is perfect. It looks so classic but still so Angelina. I am a huge fan of the asymmetrical neckline and the high slit in the front. Her carefree waves, huge smile, bright red lips and her classic tattoo make it all the more better.

This Jack Guisso Couture dress on Kate Mara is exquisite. The blush color, the floral beading, the shape, everything. I love everything about it. The off the shoulder detail adds something a bit unexpected to the otherwise classic-like dress. 

Peplumpeplumpeplum. So much peplum. Both Michelle Williams and Tina Fey rocked peplum-style skirts, but Michelle wins in Louis Vuitton. The dark coral color and layered-like fabric are unique which is perfect for Michelle, along with the small bow at her waist. Only thing I would change is the pink clutch.